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Conference and Events

Conferences are at the helm of modern communications and a unique means for communicating with key audiences. They offer an exclusive and distinctive opportunity for developing a wide range of professional relationships. Be it keynote speeches, presentations, expert panels or social events, all provide an opportunity to interact with the innovators and leaders in a particular field of interest. 

Similarly, in today’s hectic world, event-led exposures are considered the most direct way for people to connect with a company or a brand. We strongly believe that business-to-business events are the nuclei of any communication campaign created to integrate seamlessly into the marketing strategy. We craft and propose an event campaign with the entwined purpose of conveying the key message for boosting and enhancing the brand coverage and vitally. 

We fully comprehend the logistics and technicalities of organizing and running a perfect and flawless conference or event campaign hich commences with an clever analysis of the whole package, precisely profiling the audience and communicating concisely, powerfully and remarkably the key messages. 

We are a dynamic and vibrant agency that has grown by placing no limits on creativity and by never compromising on quality. It is the presence of a professional, comprehensive and affordable management team that determines the success of a conference or an event campaign. We in The Travel Makers promote and cultivate this very important requirement and work accordingly to help the organizers meet their explicit goals. 

Based on our proficiency we offer client oriented services for smooth and efficient running of conferences and event campaigns. We streamline the business of organizing these so that your focus remains undivided.

Planning the Conference 

To begin with, proper planning of your event is the key to its success.

•  Consulting and advising the Conference chair and committees through 
    both individual interaction and committee meeting.

•   Find the perfect conference sites at best possible venue rates.

•   Help develop a detailed plan for implementation of services and activities 
    required throughout the conference.

•   Research and negotiate specific contracts for the conference, and provide 
    staff assistance to the conference chair     and committee in handling 
    various conference programs.

•   Compiling and updating budget with the committee and conference chair

•   Provide aid in accounting prior to and during the event and make 
    arrangements for auditing of final accounts.

•  Help find out the right speaker to start the event and determine the 
   speaker’s on site requirements.

MICE Tourism in India


MICE- the new form of business tourism is the fastest growing section of the International tourism market. It caters to various forms of business meetings, International conferences and conventions, events and exhibitions and is slowly but steadily capturing every big hotelier's attention. Being a hot favourite tourist destination, India is also very much into the business. After the hot-spots like Hong Kong, Malaysia and Dubai, India is fast gaining its pace in the competition to become an ideal MICE destination. With the advanced technology and facilities, warm hospitality, personalized services coupled with immense natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, the goal seems to be not very far. MICE tourism is the new buzzword in the international tourist market and relates to various business groups and individual travelers. 

The importance of the MICE industry lies in the fact that it converts the annual business meetings and conferences into a glamorous and enjoyable event for the delegates and attendants. Be it a meeting to bring people together either from within one company or from a broader spectrum or an international conference of 100 delegates or product launch party or exhibition, MICE tourism finds itself being inevitable in all the occasions. To grow the business tourism in India, the country boasts of some world-class convention centres. The Ashok, New Delhi; Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad; Le Meridien, Cochin are forerunner in the Indian MICE tourism facilitating both domestic and International level of business meetings and conferences.



We are here to support you in for all the business needs that could be effective and entertaining at the same time. In MICE trip, meetings are arranged by us to the place of choice of our clients. Once the clients make their choices, we plan and arrange everything needed in an effective way. Meetings are meant to bring business aspects, dealing and other exchanges that profit a business. Our effort forever gets to make your meeting a gainful event besides having the experience and sightseeing of the town you have chose


Businesses all over are run with the motive to make profit, and whenever it comes, the employees responsible get a reward. This rewarding system is actually a sort of incentive to motivate the workforce for further gain. Sometimes firms dole out the incentives in the form of trips to various beautiful and exotic places. We cater the demand of those incentives by offering proper and apt arrangement of tours for beautiful locations inside the selected cities of clients. Our foremost concern lies in offering the best incentive services so that the employees availing rewards can get best out of it, and get further motivated to back at us again. 


We organize conferences with the help of our experienced and professional team that arranges the required processes and diverse challenges in a cost effective manner. With our innovative ideas and cutting edge solutions, the clients get effective Conference and accomplish their targets in a fine way. A professional approach is adopted to host conferences from our side that serves large size Group movements. Conferences are held in the ambience of wonderful locales that equally excites the business groups from all parts of the globe. With proper and entire arrangements for conferences, we help our clients to take their business for where it meant to be. 


We are a foremost name for MICE travel, and exhibitions are hosted by us at various locales. Exhibitions are a good way to make your business known to the intended market through various aspects. We let our clients show their real strength of business by letting them participate/host exhibits on some of the best locales across India. These exhibitions are held to market, launch and boost the sales of a product that has a better prospect. Proper arrangements are made regarding the exhibitions by us to fetch the results clients ask for. 

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