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  Royal Luxury Train Tours >>Mahaparinirvan Special

Duration: 8 Days Tour
Places Covered: Delhi Gaya Rajgir Nalanda Gaya Varanasi Sarnath Varanasi Gorakhpur Khusinagar Lumbini Gorakhpur Gonda Sravasti Gonda Agra Fatehpur Sikri Agra Delhi
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Day 1 : Arrival Delhi
Get on board the Maha Parinirvan Special at the Safdarjung Station in Delhi as the train is about to leave for Gaya. The dinner will be served on board the train.
Day 2 : Gaya
You begin your day with your arrival in Gaya which is a religious city and its proximity to Bodhgaya makes it even more attractive as a destination. You'll be transferred to the hotel in the morning. Freshen up for the day as we get your breakfast ready. Today you are scheduled to visit the Bodhgaya temples and other attractions. We have made arrangements for your lunch whereas your dinner will be served at the hotel in the night. Your overnight stay has been planned at the hotel itself. So, have a nice sleep in the soothing environment of Bodhgaya.
Day 3 : Rajgir Nalanda
It's your second morning in the religious city of Gaya and we believe that you are getting into the skin of your spiritual journey. Have your breakfast as you need to store some energy for the hectic day that you are going to have. Let's leave for the historic journey of Rajgir and Nalanda after which you'll get back to Gaya so that you can get on with your onward journey to the holy and eternal city Varanasi.
Day 4 : Varanasi
Though you are getting into a spiritual mode by now, yet the fact that will strike you the most is the fact that each of these cities is holy in its own way and that no two days of your journey are same. You'll be transferred to the hotel after your arrival in Varanasi. Your breakfast will be served at the hotel after which we'll go for a sightseeing tour of Sarnath. At no time in your journey you'll be inconvenienced by our breaks for lunch and dinner as we have scheduled these in such a manner so that the religious tour is not affected. After the Sarnath leg of our tour is over, visit the Ganges for the evening Aarti. Leave Varanasi for Gorakhpur in the later part of the day.
Day 5 : Gorakhpur - Kushinagar - Lumbini
Arrive gorakhpur in the morning. Proceed to Kushinagar / Lumbini. Check in at the hotel. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Overnight at hotel.
Day 6 : Gorakhpur - Gonda
Breakfast at hotel. Sightseeing. Lunch at hotel. Return to Gorakhput. Depart Gorakhpur for gonad in the evening. Dinner on board.
Day 7 : Gonda Agra
Arrive Gonda in the morning. Breakfast. Visit Sravasti. Lunch. Depart Gonda for Agra in the evening. Dinner on board.
Day 8 : Agra - Delhi
Welcome to the historic city of Agra. Breakfast. Visit Taj mahal. Depart Agra for Delhi in the afternoon. Lunch on-board. Arrive Delhi (Safdarjung Railway Station) in the evening.
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